Mass Launch Abort system


May 5, 2011

More Pictures of the build

This is just to show size.

Here are a few of the pictures that we have taken over the past week.

 We have more on the Picasa page under Construction of the MLAS folder.

OK here are some of the details from the past week.

1.       We have completed the rough cut of the CM, we still have to remove about 1/2" of material (more blue snow) Once that is completed we will add a filler and wait for it to dry.
2.       The boost, and coast skirts have been cut to size, We have a small piece left form the tube we were given by White cap , this will be used as the bottom of the shroud.       
3.      I have laid out the boost skirt motor placements and we figured out how to support the motors.  The plan is to use the 3/8” honeycomb material I had in the shop.
4.      Honeycomb material is a sandwich of 3/8 octagon with a fiberglass outer shell.  This material is used in the flooring of commercial airliners (VERY STRONG) and light.
5.      I have the stations for the shroud figured out and will begin the laying out of the pattern tomorrow.  I will do this on a piece of cardboard so I can change things as needed.
6.      We have decided to do the shroud in three pieces, this will allow us to hollow out some of the shroud and keep some solid. Also this will allow us to use the same lathe setup.
7.      We are being very careful on weights and the materials we use.  Also in regard to the strength of a material
8.      Shon and I are working on the Barrowman Equations for the rocket, this is so we can combine and check each other.
9.      We still have not decided what to use for the fin material.
10.   We plan on launching the 8”this weekend; I have added 6 oz of nose weight to the shroud.
Now its nose heavy  

There were some minor repairs that were needed, they will be completed today. Then we will repack the chutes and prep for launch Saturday afternoon.  

Some of the details are as follows
 Boost skirt as of yesterday   8.6 lbs
Coast skirt as of yesterday    3.8 lbs
CM                                        12.6 lbs
(the CM still has the lathe hardware attached)

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