From the table to pad

   First we have a thought, A idea. For me it is usually far fetched and crazy. I am a dreamer,. A yes I can kinda guy.  This idea that I had a few months ago began like all the others.  This one stuck with me though.  I felt that this is something I can do, and I wanted to involve my fellow rocket friends in this.  I knew I couldn't do this one in my shop by myself, and really I didn't want to. Some projects are better when done with others.

  The creativity and experience that the people around me have is very deep.  This project is like no other in the fact that it hasn't been done at this scale YET. I say yet because we are building this in my shop. As I write this, the rocket is on dry erase boards and partly assembled on the floor of the shop.  Many hours of design and thought have been invested in this. The one thing that this sport has taught me is to slow down think things through, don't rush, but also enjoy yourself,  To many times we get wrapped up in the thing and miss the reason why we enjoy this   I call it  "MY WHY" I have scene friends melt down and throw in the towel because of a failure. To them I say relax, step back,  and take a breath. Even walk away for a while.
 With the support that I recieve from my family (wife) and friends this project will be a success. Time is on our side with this one.

  At the start I wanted to fly this at the Annual GHS rocket launch in October of this year. That is not going to happen. Too many things have to be worked out. But with that said I am sure that when this project is on the pad, and we push the button all who are at the event will remembe it for a long time. Both young and old. 

This is the video that started it all
I hope all who watch enjoy, and see the things we have to work out

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