Mar 8, 2011

Pictures,Pictures,and more pictures

N 2000

The Main builders Moe and Brad

This is my favorite liftoff picture
The liftoff was a thing of beauty. Congrats to Moe and Brad.

These pictures are just a small part of what we do.
Come to one of the SSS launches and see the rest

My first rocket to go Mach 1

Geoff Level 3 Rocket

Pictures,Pictures,and more pictures

 One of the things I hope to do with my blog is expand this great hobbie, I know that I love everything about the sport,
As with NASCAR their is a feeling of watching something with allot of power streak into the sky, something that was created by your own hands.

WE all have a favorite rocket, one we remember maybe it's the first one that you built or maybe it's still in youe head.
Whichever one it is, please keep building, flying, and teach someone. Pass down your experience.

This is another view at all the rockets on display
Here is a rocket lifting off at one of the many launches we have in phoenix
Geoff, always a suprise from him
My wife Karen, with her Effile Tower 3d puzzle
Here is my kegorator on a one grain 54mm