Mar 14, 2011


Yes, ARC will be at the Pinal county fair. The dates are March 17th - March 20th. We have over 200 rockets to display. Many thanks to Geoff, and Guy for the many cool and awesome rockets. This will be the first time we are attending this fair, so we are excited.

Please feel free to visit the booth. It is always great to talk rockets and learn about the sport.
This is a great opportunity to both give back and learn. Although this is allot of work and time that Myself and Karen put into this, we feel that it is all worth it.

Again feel free to visit the booth

Thanks in advance
Rick "SCRATCH" McKee
NAR # 87253L3

Rocketry."From a carpenters point of view"

This blog is about how I became involved in "Rocketry"
Math ? MATH ? I hate math!  That was the saying that I used everyday while in high school . I will never use this stuff, this is a waste of time. How many times have I heard that said ? or said that .
  Well now I'm older, I have kids of my own, and I build rockets as my Hobby    Math, math, and more MATH. Now I wish I could go back top my high school teacher and apologize. I see the importance of the stuff she was trying to teach.   Ms Jones,  SORRY

The way I became involved is through my daughter, Taylor, she was having a hard time in her math class and I wanted to show her the importance of math, so I figured I would go get a rocket  kit, you  see the kits have been proven already. Then we would go and get some paper towel rollers and build it our rocket   (NO MATH)  without any measurements and fly them both.  Well the day came to fly and as one can imagine the thrown together rocket did not fair so well.  Taylor asked what happened and I explained to her that we did not use math on that rocket. It proved a point.

  It's funny how things happen. As a carpenter I use math all the time, To figure roofs out, to do estimates, to figure square footage, Be wrong in one of these things and it will cost you.
Rocketry has taught me the importance of studying.  Made me reinvent myself, Critical thinking is a thing I, and my team-friends do regularly.  The what if factor is always in the thoughts of the people that I hang out with.  Also the scientific method is a valueable tool.
    On a lighter side of the rocketry, I love the friendships that I have developed while involved. Their is a commonality that we share that I have not found anywhere else. Everyone is out to help the guy that is new or forgot something at home.

  Getting back to the reasons, I think  for me the carpentry has lent itself to the rocketry in a good way, I see things in a different way , loads, angles, and other things seem to be easy to understand.  I continue to learn the math, that is something that is a ongoing process. Which again is something I enjoy.

The projects that I have been involved with have also taught me lessons that I hope to be able to pass on to others.  To be a mentor is something I never thought I would be. Both my wife and my family enjoy the launches, me more than them, but we do this as a family.

I hope this blog helps someone who has a question on how to do something they are working on.
It's the question that we never ask that is stupid. Always ask, always seek, and always push to do more.

Rick McKee
Nar# 87253 L3