Jun 16, 2011

ISS Tour

    Thank you Mark W, for this post, this is a 6 min tour of the ISS. This is real cool to me because the ISS flys over Phoenix on a regular basis, just last night 6/15/2011 it was above us for about 4 min.
These viewings are because of Moe Bs postings on the SSS groups website.  but anyone can go to the NASA website and check for the location of the space station,

 ISS tour  enjoy http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=H8rHarp1GEE
Thanks again
Mark W

New tips

This is old but new. Please read the tips from this and all the other post, they really help with building great rockets.


Jun 15, 2011

Rocksim 9 8" MLAS file

    Ok so I spent most of yesterday working of school stuff. But everyone needs a break right.  So seeing that I have the latest and greatest rocksim from Apogee, I spent some time designing /redesigning the MLAS. 
I found out something out about this model. You have to design it from the rear and move foward.  Rocksim doesn't like this MLAS, once you get the CP/CG relation reversed it is hard to fix.

But I goter  done and ran the sims.   
NOTE HERE)   the motors are not canted like ours so the true flight is still a best guess.  
But we managed to get ours to fly so it can't be to bad.  Im trying to import the file to my page but I can't seem to ge it done??
I will try to post it today.  oh yea almost forgot,  sims out at 652 ft with four single use 24 mm  Areotech motors

Jun 13, 2011

Maxx launch video

      Please look at the third video down on the left, it is the video of the 8' mlas flight ( A good flight ) a few weeks ago. We are in the process of construction a new one, painted and with all the bells ahd whistles.

I have many more build pictures on the site.

Thanks for viewing

Rick  "SCRATCH" McKee


Saturn V build Completed

Here is the finished Rocket  VERY NICE

Rick McKee