Apr 27, 2011

Flight of the 8inch MLAS

We started construction of our 2 ft model MLAS today. ( No school today for me)
Here are the pictures from the flight this past weekend.  I am currently editing the article on the flight and the new construction

so far so good

we have liftoff



All four motors lit

still going straight

canted motor's still lit

It started up straight, but we needed a little more nose weight. Even the canted motors worked good. Yea team ARC .   After the flight we tried to prep the rocket for another flight. But because of the windy conditions we decided to hold off till sunday.  Sunday came and the same windy conditions along with it. So on to other rockets.  Shon flew his O reborn on a K550 to around 3000 ft. But because of the wind, he had to chase it over 1.5 miles northeast into the power lines and brush.  

need nose weight DUH!

coming south

Isis - the official rocket dog!