Fun at the Fairs

For over two years now my family and I have been attending the local fairs here in Phoenix. With great attendance and while having allot of fun talking rockets. One of the biggest problems we face as a rocket club is the lack of activity by most of the membership  I'm not sure why this is but it is .

  My family has a blast at the fairs, we get in free, free parking and get to meet some cool people.
And did I say talk rockets.  Along with the awards that we have won, the fair also offers a certain kind of reward. We get to see the looks on all kinds of people when they see the different kinds of rockets we have.

Geoff   the master builder of the group has a huge assortment of beautiful rockets that he fly's so when they ask "do they all fly?" we smile and respond YES. 
I would say to reading this that they try to get involved in the local fairs in your area, with some involvement your club membership might just go up. 

Meaning better equipment
More exposure
More fun for the kids AWARDS are cool to them.
Maybe a local paper will do a news article on the club. Maybe a sponsor would be willing to help fund a large project, in exchange for some free ????
Even if it's just to sit around and TALK ROCKETS
that can be cool