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May 2, 2011

Construction notes from the shop

  Sunday May 1, 2011. I have spent the weekend working on the 2 foot boilerplate of the Command Module (CM)
I cut the 20 pieces of blue foam, ranging from 24" to 8"
I then cut a 1" hole in the center and placed all of them on the center dowel.
While that was drying (24 hrs) I constructed a lathe on one of the work tables in the shop using MDF and a drill.
That took all day. Side note- when working with DuPont blue foam wear long sleeves (Very itchy right now)

The 8" along side the 2 ft CM
Product placement HA ha
this is how we work all weekend without sleep

We have about 6 weeks till NSL in Lucerne, California. So I need to get things moving. I would like to have this boilerplate ready for launch by then. We figure the this will take 4 motors equaling a K motor to lift this. This will be a team effort.  As you can see here in the pictures I cut a form of the CM and laid it out on the MDF.  This was centered on the rod.

Foam core CM layout

We will be back in the shop later today working on the CM. I have decided to split it in half after the shape in completed. This will allow us to make room for the electronics and any weight needed. It will also allow us to strengthen the areas that will hold the chutes

I have a file of all the construction on my Picasa site, please feel free to go and visit them. Just click on one of the slide shows to view the pictures.

The tape is for scale

Here you see all the foam on the floor

Another scale picture

 Here are pics to show size, yep crazy.


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