Mass Launch Abort system


Jan 18, 2011

MLAS Construction notes

  Well the weekend was a busy one in the shop. Tom,Shon, and myself were busy working on all the blue foam that Shon purchased from Home-Depot. We managed to get the floor completed and the sides cut.
Shon worked on the 1/28th scale MLAS that we are using for a boilerplate.  This will be two fold, one will be the basic for the flight. The other will be to figure out how to get all the events to actually happen.
The main problem is weight, I had thought that we would do this project in wood framing, ( I used to be a framer so this seemed like a logical choice) but once wee began to construct we quickly found weight a real problem. So we went to blue foam, after a long night and alot of critical thinking we decided to try the foam ion everything. The plan is to fiberglass everything. This will solve the weight and even some money problems.

Monday we all went to Sticky Stuff here in Phoenix,AZ During the visit we learned the proper way to layup the Glass. We also saw some of the alternatives we may have. I will add more to this later. I look foward to the build and will keep all of you guys updated as much as possible.


Tim Wilson said...

Interesting project! There's some material at this link that might be of interest to you ...

Good luck!

Karen Phelps-McKee said...

Looks great babe! Can't wait to see it fly.