Mass Launch Abort system


Jan 20, 2011

Here is another build story


  We have gotten to the part where we start to see the frame now. I have been working on this for a while and seem to be getting the hang of it.  The hardest part of this project will be keeping the weight low without sacrificing strength. By that I mean under 450 lbs total weight ,(loaded)
  These pictures show the progress we have made. You can also see the wood frame in the lower picture. That was scrapped due to the weight thing. Also you see Shon foaming the corners of the floor/ heat shield.

  Wed,  we went to the local Fiberglass vendor Sticky-Stuff  and purchased two part foam. After we got back to the Vehicle assembly area, IE  my shop, where we did some experimentation with the foam.  

The CM

  This picture is one where you start to see the size of the command capsule. This one is actually two ft smaller than the Apollo CM.  As I stated before we plan to coat the foam with a sealer then fiberglass them. Our vendor has told us this will be more than enough strength if done correctly. One of the jokes around the shop is that after this project, we all will be experts with fiberglass.   Agreed?

On my next post I will go into some of the details we are working on. These will include the design of the different parts.
The motor cage
The coast skirt, and other designs the team has discussed.
Please feel free to chime in any time.

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