Jun 25, 2013

Back up and running

  Well as many of you know the ARC has been stagent for a year,  life,  but I am back and have started working on the 8 inch MLAS rocket again.  Today I cleaned the small area I now have to work in. It is very efficent but smaller.  I have mounted the motor cage to the boost skirt, trying to keep with the origional design.  I feel that this best represents what I am trying to acclomplish. 

  We here at ARC have kinda gone in different directions, Myself, I have been trying to keep a steady job. It seems that it isn't like it used to be.  Shon has enlisted in the Air Force, this is to help him with college.
Tom has been working all the time and is on the other side of the city , so getting together is tough. 

I will be back to posting the progress as I can,  the pictures I have today are from the stuff I did over the past few months.. The temp in the garage is over 100 so I can only work in the am when the sun is on the east side of the house..
Connecting points
This is looking from below. yes
I canted the motors.

I started ading the boost skirt drag plates today

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Shon fabricated this last year  NICE  looks like the real one 
 We plan on launching this vehicle in October at the GHS launch.  Hopefully we will have this one completed.  I am also working on the 24 inch vehicle and plan on having it on site in October.

I hope all are well and I look forward to posting more daily, keeping you all up to date..

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