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Apr 10, 2011

Starlight Jayhawk Build Part 24 White Decals

The Starlight kit includes decals, but these were printed on clear decal paper. The stars and bars decal on the wings need a white overcoat when set on the orange background paint.

Someone on TRF (I wish I could find the name to give them proper credit) suggested spraying the decal paper with colored paint.
What a simple, brilliant idea!

We already spray printed decal paper with a clear coat to seal it.
I figured you could spray the sheet white and cut out the underlying white area.

To test this, I found some scrap decal paper and sprayed it gloss white.
You can see I've already started doing the decals.
Here's the white spray test piece transferred onto the orange fin.

It's opaque and pretty thin. This might just work.

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