Mass Launch Abort system


Feb 3, 2011

The Redesign Process

 Yes we have Redesigned the CM of the MLAS project. This will be short and sweet.
Reason: 1 we were having a hard time working on the CM floor due to the fact that the blue foam is foam.
             2. The upper and lower parts needed to be assembled apart.
             3 Space concerns in the shop.
Solution. 1. We constructed the heat shield upside down, using onle one layre of blue foam as a floor.
              2. We also constructed the upper layre of the CM using the same method of one piece of foam.
                  this allowed us to place a piece of plywood on the floor and walk on it.
              3. It also made it easier lining up the ribs we used to form the skeleton of the CM.

All of these methods are a work in progress, and we are learning as we move foward with this project.
The team members spend alot of time trying to come ou with ways to make this project a successful one, while at the same time having fun.

Rick  "SCRATCH" McKee
NAR 87253 L3


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