Jun 25, 2013

Back up and running

  Well as many of you know the ARC has been stagent for a year,  life,  but I am back and have started working on the 8 inch MLAS rocket again.  Today I cleaned the small area I now have to work in. It is very efficent but smaller.  I have mounted the motor cage to the boost skirt, trying to keep with the origional design.  I feel that this best represents what I am trying to acclomplish. 

  We here at ARC have kinda gone in different directions, Myself, I have been trying to keep a steady job. It seems that it isn't like it used to be.  Shon has enlisted in the Air Force, this is to help him with college.
Tom has been working all the time and is on the other side of the city , so getting together is tough. 

I will be back to posting the progress as I can,  the pictures I have today are from the stuff I did over the past few months.. The temp in the garage is over 100 so I can only work in the am when the sun is on the east side of the house..
Connecting points
This is looking from below. yes
I canted the motors.

I started ading the boost skirt drag plates today

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Shon fabricated this last year  NICE  looks like the real one 
 We plan on launching this vehicle in October at the GHS launch.  Hopefully we will have this one completed.  I am also working on the 24 inch vehicle and plan on having it on site in October.

I hope all are well and I look forward to posting more daily, keeping you all up to date..

Jan 1, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

I just wanted to wish everyone out in rocket land a happy new year.  Alot has happened this past year, this year looks to be the best yet.  Team MLAS will be working on the MLAS project and trying to get it to the state fair in October.

Thanks for all the support
Rick "Scratch" McKee
Nar # 87253 L3

Dec 13, 2011

ARC Store for the new year

  Yes we at the ARC are going to be opening an online store for the new year.  Please feel free to come and see the products that we have.  It we don't have something you are looking for please feel free to contact us.


Jul 7, 2011

Back up and Running

To those of you who follow the ARC I apologize for not posting more of the current build.  We have had to move and rebuild the shop in a smaller area, (.e garage).  Thanks to the generosity of my wife, Karen.
 Currently we are in the process of painting the 8 inch version MLAS and finishing the upper shroud section of the 2 foot boiler plate. This has proved a difficult process due to the three different angles on the shroud.  I would like to give credit to Gordy Agnello at Excelsior Rocketry, for providing the scale drawings for us to follow; he made it easier to construct the pattern.  I would like to also thank Tim Wilson for his input.
As many of you know we are designing the rocket with the original 20 degree canted motors CRAZY I know, but why not. In doing this we have had to solve many problems, one being how to attach the motor tubes to the cage without adding a whole lot of extra weight.
Solution: We have designed a honeycomb structure in the boost skirt. This design has held a 225 lb man on it. This structure only added a few lbs and gave us the strength we needed, it also allowed us to cant the motors like the original.  It also made everything removable and repairable, which is needed in a scale like this one.  I will go more into this shortly, with pictures describing the design.
The parts we need are being designed and produced in house, we have a lot of blue DuPont foam lying around. So we use the extra pieces to form the plug we need for parts. Then we vacuum bag the fiberglass and modify the parts as needed. This seems to be the cheapest way to make what we need. I will also describe this process later this weekend.
 We have had people donate money toward the build, the plan is to have a shirt made with the information and a picture for people to purchase, and this will help support the launch of the half scale version. 

Jun 16, 2011

ISS Tour

    Thank you Mark W, for this post, this is a 6 min tour of the ISS. This is real cool to me because the ISS flys over Phoenix on a regular basis, just last night 6/15/2011 it was above us for about 4 min.
These viewings are because of Moe Bs postings on the SSS groups website.  but anyone can go to the NASA website and check for the location of the space station,

 ISS tour  enjoy http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=H8rHarp1GEE
Thanks again
Mark W

New tips

This is old but new. Please read the tips from this and all the other post, they really help with building great rockets.


Jun 15, 2011

Rocksim 9 8" MLAS file

    Ok so I spent most of yesterday working of school stuff. But everyone needs a break right.  So seeing that I have the latest and greatest rocksim from Apogee, I spent some time designing /redesigning the MLAS. 
I found out something out about this model. You have to design it from the rear and move foward.  Rocksim doesn't like this MLAS, once you get the CP/CG relation reversed it is hard to fix.

But I goter  done and ran the sims.   
NOTE HERE)   the motors are not canted like ours so the true flight is still a best guess.  
But we managed to get ours to fly so it can't be to bad.  Im trying to import the file to my page but I can't seem to ge it done??
I will try to post it today.  oh yea almost forgot,  sims out at 652 ft with four single use 24 mm  Areotech motors